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``Our 1st Campus is located at 8500 Sweetwater, Houston, TX 77037``

Meet Our K-8th Grade Sweetwater Campus Principal:

My name is Ms. Michelle Foreman and I have been employed with Texas Serenity Academy for the last 11 years. I love our school district and more importantly I love the children that I have had a chance to teach. Let me share my educational background with you:

    ✓ I have two Bachelor's Degrees in Education
    ✓ Two Master Degrees in Education
    ✓ Principal Certification
    ✓ ESL Certification
    ✓ Currently completing a Doctoral Program

We believe in a TEAM approach to education! I want to share with you that our K-8th grade campus faculty and staff members all have college degrees and are Highly Qualified and Certified. We are all excited to meet our new students and family members. We expect our students to learn at the highest level. We were always successful at our former Sweetwater campus location and we expect the same results and even better now that we have more space for our students. Our students will continue receiving the very best education, enjoy new learning experiences and have fun enrichment activities along the way such as plays, talent shows, spelling bee competitions, science fairs, Cinco De Mayo celebrations, Black History Month celebrations and more.

Our boys and girls sports teams are always competitive and one of the best in Houston. Our boys and girls enjoy having the option to participate in basketball, football, baseball, soccer, volleyball and track & field. We encourage our students to have a well-rounded educational experience.

Our school calendar, daily class schedules, student uniforms, student handbook, discipline policies, breakfast and lunch menus are available on our website and you may visit those links for more information. Take time to visit our new K-8th grade campus and I will always have an open-door policy to share time with any of our parents, family members or visitors.

We have the very best, caring, qualified teachers, faculty and staff that you will find anywhere. Our teaching staff is number one and care for and about every child they teach.

Again, we look forward to a great and exciting school year.


Ms. Michelle Foreman
Texas Serenity Academy K-8th Grade Campus


K-8th Campus Administration

o     Ms. Foreman, Principal
o     Mr. Haynes, Dean of Discipline
o     Ms. Meza, Expert Teacher Leader (ETL)
o     Ms. Bayles, Career Teacher Leader (CTL)
o     Mr. Trevino, Career Teacher Leader (CTL)
o     Mr. Rodriguez, Career Teacher Leader (CTL)
o     Ms. Bowman, Registrar
o     Ms. Diaz, Secretary
o     Ms. Lemons, Director of Special Education
o     Ms. Amaro, ESL Coordinator
o     Ms. Perez, Middle School Team Leader& HCMS Coordinator
o     Ms. Perdue, Elementary School Team Leader
o     Mrs. Martinak, Middle School Instruction and STAAR Testing Coordinator
o     Ms. Wilburn, School Counselor
o     Ms. Shelley, School Nurse
o     Ms. Carrol, Curriculum Consultant
o     Ms. Walker, Reading Specialist
o     Mr. Roberts, Transportation Director

NOTE: The entire faculty and staff directory is posted under the CERTIFIED & HIGHLY QUALIFIED TEACHER LINK