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``Our 2nd Campus is located at 4637 GANO Street In Houston, Texas 77009``

Meet Our GANO Campus Principal:

My name is Mrs. Danielle Johnson and I have been employed with Texas Serenity Academy for the last 12 years. I love our school district and more importantly I love the children that I have had a chance to teach. Let me share my educational background with you:

    ✓ I have a Bachelor's Degree from Texas Southern University
    ✓ Master Degrees from TSU and Lamar University
    ✓ Principal Certification
    ✓ Certified School Counselor
    ✓ ESL Teacher Certification
    ✓ Special Education Teacher Certification

We believe in a TEAM approach to education! I want to share with you that our GANO campus faculty and staff members all have college degrees and are Highly Qualified and Certified. We are all excited to meet our new students and family members. We expect our students to learn at the highest level just like at our Sweetwater K-8th grade campus. Our students will receive the very best education, enjoy new learning experiences and have fun enrichment activities along the way such as plays, talent shows, spelling bee competitions, science fairs, Cinco De Mayo celebrations, Black History Month celebrations and more.

Our school calendar, daily class schedules, student uniforms, student handbook, discipline policies, breakfast and lunch menus are the same as our Sweetwater Campus and you may visit those links on our website for more information. Take time to visit our new campus and I will always have an open door policy to share time with any of our parents, family members or visitors. Again, we look forward to a great and exciting school year.

Mrs. Danielle Johnson
Texas Serenity Academy GANO-Campus


GANO Campus Administration

o     Danielle Johnson, Principal
o     Arlene Kennerson, Registrar
o     Adriana Badillo, School Nurse
o     Brenda Wilburn, School Counselor
o     Linda Ware, Educational Consultant
o     Steve Roberts. SIP
o     Annie Harris, Reading Specialist Consultant

GANO Campus Teachers

o     Joseph Marquis, Kindergarten
o     Rondalyn Pointer, 1st Grade/L/Dyslexia
o     Janet Brown, 2nd Grade
o     Andreka Provost, 3rd Grade #1
o     Shantrell Johnson, 3rd Grade #2
o     Toyshica Gipson, 4th Grade
o     Kateria Emmanuel, 5th Grade
o     Antonio Hernandez, Technology
o     Danita Ellis, P.E.
o     Rondalyn Pointer, Special Education

GANO Campus Food Services Department

o     Brittany Fields, Lead Cook

GANO Campus Maintenance Department

o     Claudia Ortiz, Custodian

Educator Effectiveness Process Resident Interns & Pre-Interns

o     Tyrown Russel
o     KritstineLaquindanum
o     Bradley Durham
o     Kamesha McGee
o     Arinola Adedegi